Decorating with ART

Artwork is the most affective design piece you can add to your space.  A room without artwork is like a PB&J sandwich without Peanut Butter... It just doesn't work.  You can accessorize the heck out of a room but it will never feel complete without some pretty artwork to finish it off.  Finding artwork can be a bit tricky and the scale and style is a whole other situation to figure out but for now well stick to examples on good rooms with pretty artwork that makes a big impact.  Also, keep scrolling for some of my favorite budget pieces of the moment!

artwork styled console
framed textiles
entryway gallery wall
eclectic artwork
artwork - willow and co blog.jpg

Trends we're loving..

So I've always been a simple fellow when it comes to buying beds and decorating the bedroom.  I love "stuff" I have a lot of "stuff" and I always seem to overdo it when it comes to my own house, BUT the bedroom is not that way for me.  I like it to feel styled, comfortable, and simple.  Canopy beds are such a fun way to add a little uniqueness to the room without overdoing it.  Here are some of my favorite rooms and favorite beds at the moment!

canopy bed1
canopy bed 2
canopy bed 3
canopy bed 4
canopy bed 5
canopy bed 6
canopy bed 7
canopy bed 8
canopy bed 9
canopy beds.jpg

Project #Ohio

This house was pretty amazing before I ever came along, Laura has great taste and was so easy to work with! I love the end result and am so happy with the furniture, accessories, and styling we did via VIDEO.  Video design is not always easy people, especially when it comes to styling, but Laura was a saint to put up with all my commands!  "Move that to the left two inches, now the frame forward one inch, no maybe two..Lets try three inches..." HA really though.  That is how that goes sometimes.  Anyways.  Here is the Living room for your eyes today.  I will share the dining room and other spaces soon!


living bookshelves.jpg

Reynolds Home

The cutest little tudor home in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin got an upgrade to their kids rooms.  One being the Nursery which we wanted to bring in some color and mid-century modern design as the Husband is an architect and has a love for the style.  In the boys room we went with more neutral tones so they can grow with the space.